Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Multi-Prêts Mortgages

June is synonymous with the start of summer, sunbathing and BBQs. You can’t forget, however, that the third Sunday of the month is dedicated to celebrating the dads that surround us. Looking to treat your dad to a gift that’s sure to make him happy? Surprise him with one of our picks!

For the gourmet dad

  • An Italian cooking class
  • A good bottle of whisky
  • A superb leather apron
  • Artisanal charcuterie
  • A wine chiller
  • An espresso machine with pods

For the dandy dad

  • Beard oil and a nice comb
  • His favourite perfume
  • A leather wallet
  • Colourful socks
  • A nice silk pocket handkerchief

For the techno dad

  • Excellent headphones
  • A drone (to film everything!)
  • The latest electric razor
  • A voice-based virtual assistant
  • A watertight case for his smart phone

For the sporty dad

  • Tickets to a soccer game  
  • A subscription to a sports magazine
  • A modern fishing rod
  • A jersey of his favourite sports team
  • A brand new golf club
  • A day of hiking spent together

Regardless of the personality of the father you’ll be celebrating in June, be sure to take a moment to tell him how much you appreciate him. Whether it’s with a simple thought, or a grandiose gift, make this Father’s Day a memorable one for the man who means so much to you.


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